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How it Works

How it Works


We start out by researching each club to find out basic information about what they offer. In the event we are not able to gather information on a particular club, we will simply list their contact information. 
We gather information like:
   - practice locations
   - practices per week
   - divisions/skill levels
   - standard cost per season
   - travel involved
Since it would be impossible for us to keep up with all the different variations for each club, we provide a general rating system that is easy to understand. These ratings provide a general basis for which to narrow your search. If a club offers a range of skill levels, we focus on medium level for that club. For more information, please contact the respective clubs. 
Costs per season:                                        Travel:                                                          Competitive Level:
(includes fees & uniforms)
$          - Less than $250                            Light         - Around Town                         (R) - Recreational
$$          - $250 - $500                                  Moderate - Less than 50 miles              (B) - Beginner/Academy
$$$       - $501 - $999                                  Heavy      - More than 50 miles              (C) - Competitive/Select
$$$$      - $1000 - $2000                                                                                                    (P) - Premier/Elite
$$$$$    - Greater than $2000    
Please keep in mind, we do not speak on behalf of any club or organization. Club pricing, travel and locations are likely to change from time to time. While we try to update our information as it becomes available, use the information contained within this site as a guide. Our purpose is to simply identify and inform so parents can make better decisions.

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